Shake Things Up

Sometimes you have to shake it all up. Everything. 

Take this morning for example. I usually have a pretty strict morning regimen. 

1. Wake up.
2. Set my intent.
3. Drink FULL glass of water.
4. Meditate for an hour.
5. Take Cold Shower. 
6. Curse the cold shower.
7. Workout in some capacity. 

And when I don't do that, I usually give myself a lil ol' fashion guilt trip. Classy, I know. 

However, this morning was different. I just returned from 4 days of darkness meditation and I didn't want to do that damn regimen. And here's how the morning went.

1. Woke up. 
2. Went back to sleep. 
3. Re-woke up. 
4. Went to meditate but then saw the sun rising over brooklyn through the windows. It was stunning. 
5. Didn't meditate and went to the roof to watch the sunrise. It was spectacular. 
6. Guilt set in. Stopped the guilt from setting in by opening my heart to this beauty. 
7. Went back to bed and started singing Feed The Birds (from Mary Poppins) to my sleeping my wife. 
8. Had to explain to my wife why I was singing that. It was simple. I like that song and she needed to hear it in that moment. Duh. 
9. Got out of bed, guilt coming back: work to do, why did I eat so much pizza last night, why was I so ravenous on instagram yesterday , need to meditate, I don't stretch enough...
10. Fuck it. I'm doing what I want today. 

Moral of the story, there are times where we need to deviate from the plan and enjoy these moments. They won't last forever. They just won't. 

And as I write this the sun is gone and it is raining. The weather changed in 20 minutes. Poetic.  

Deviations are good for the soul. The mind won't like it but you tell that mind to go to hell. Tell it Bryce sent you. 



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