Transcend the Norms

A client that I worked with a while ago just sent me this poem. She thought I may like it. I didn't.

I damn right loved it. 

It's like she secretly sat in a business meeting I was in, trying to explain my my mission statement. This is it.

If there was ever any doubt of how I feel about life and how to live it, this poem is it. Happy Friday. 

Transcend the norms.
Test the Black:
Swim the darkness until perfect vision alights.
Drag the club foot until you dance to its rhythm.
Scream outside the margins until hysteria feels safe.
Pound your chest ‘til the bruises emerge, let the colors ooze out in their own time. 
Paint with them.
Let the swollen eyes, now bloody from holding back so long see Truth.

By Kate Grimes



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