Hear it calling you

We were tossed together and thrown in our mother's womb. 

We came out, disoriented into this world. 

We were clothed, fed, and sheltered. 

We were raised, educated, and graduated.

And then, after many years, we were on our own. 

We had our job. "Our life." 

Ohh but was it ours? 

A lot of my clients have gone through the steps above. They have "succeeded." And now, having it all, for the first time ever, they realize that it's wrong. 

It's not them. It does not fit. 

But why? They followed the steps. The rules.

Well, that's the problem. It was always someone else's rules. Steps. 

And it is at this realization where the friction, the discontent of life begins. 

And it is at this moment that everything can change. Hear it. Live it. 

Many ignore it. And they turn out fine. 

But fine is unacceptable to me. I hate fine. I want me. I want my success. And I want it for my clients. 

It's scary to want it. But it is your human right. It is your responsibility. 

If you are ready to take that step, know that I am here. This is what I do. 

Either way, it is your choice to find your way to live. And when you decide, things tend to support you in ways you could have never imagined. 

It's magic. Truly. 



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