The Secret Door to Transformation

I realize there is this point in one's life where something happens and our magic is killed off. 

Where a certain passion for life and freedom in creativity is crushed. 

Normally it's a certain point in childhood. "Before X event, I was free, happy, open. I loved creating and believed in magic. I swear I could even do Y."

This period is extremely important to begin to remember. Because it is at this moment that a very truthful guidepost of who you are and what you are capable of exists. 

It's incredible to think that we as children, held the secret to our futures the entire time. 

If you are struggling in life. High levels of anxiety. Confusion. Overall blah. Go back to a time and remember. Remember you. And then feel it. Feel what you felt like when you were You. 

That's the secret door to any transformation. 

And funny enough, it's been in you the whole time. 



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Bryce KennedyComment