Sausage after 8pm is a bad idea.

Announcement: All New Yorkers, March 3rd, there is an incredible Holi Festival taking place. Dress in whites and leave as an explosion of color. I'll be leading a Primal Awakening right before the paint party. Sign up here for early bird tix.

Moving on.

I write an email everyday during the week. Everyday. Somedays they flow naturally. Others, it's like pulling teeth. 

Some great. Some awful. 

Some short and to the point.

Some long and rambling and nonsensical and ambiguous and I had pizza the other night with sausage and slept poorly after that and I should know not to eat pizza with sausage after 8pm because....oh, pardon.

But the one thing this daily email is not, is a chore. Nor is it a "have to." 

This is my joy. My canvas. My opera. 

I get to share a lifetime of learning with you in hopes that it expedites any suffering in your own life.

That it will inspire you to fight for you and own the hell out of this time.

That it will allow you to open to the massive feelings underneath that shell.

That it will get you to see your damn magic.

It's a simple email. Daily. But it's all mine. 

Find that version of your daily email. Find that thing that gets your creative juices flowing. And share it. Even if only to your cat. Share it. 

We all have a gift waiting to come alive. Begging to breathe!

What's yours? 



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