The Blessing and the Curse of the New Normal

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The New Normal. It's an interesting concept. For me, New Normal could be a double-edged sword. It changed frequently. 

First, I was a starving actor out in Los Angeles. That became the new Normal.
Then a waiter. That became new Normal.
Then a lawyer. Normal.
Then working 6 days a week lawyer. Normal.
Then going to acting school as a lawyer. Normal.
Then happy hours 4 days a week. Normal
Then collapse of everything. Return to Dark Ages. Normal.
Then beginning a path of deep self-study. Normal.
Then creating a business for personal transformation. Normal.
Then choosing to design my life. Normal.

New Normals are fascinating. They can work for you or against you. At first working 6 days a week at around 80-90 hours was insane. But, after 2 years it became totally normal. I settled into it. 

But now my new normal is meditation, transformation, creation. 

The key is to take a minute and look at what has become the New Normal in your life. See the good ones. See the bad ones. 

- Are you being treated a certain way from a boss or loved one?
- Are you accepting a certain amount of pay?
- Are you working a particular amount of hours?
- Are you consuming items that affect you?
- Are you speaking about yourself in a different manner?
- Are you adopting policies about your life you didn't before?
- Are you......?

And again, this goes both ways. Maybe you're accepting more pay than ever before because you are a beast. Or maybe you are accepting levels of verbal abuse you didn't before.

But it's important to check in and see what you may or may not blindly be accepting as the New Normal. 

For me, I hope your New Normal is to live a life that is truly fulfilling, successful, and all around goddamn magical. I want that to be your New Normal.



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