A tablespoon of joy and a pinch of hope

Grandma's old recipe. 

Dust off the old cook books. Find the one that has been passed down generation after generation. The one your grandma's grandma gave to her. And your grandma gave to your mom. And the one she gave you. 

Generations of using the same recipes. The same temperature. The same times. The one rule, do not change the ingredients. If you do, blasphemy to Grandma's name! To the name of your family. 

Once you find this recipe, feel it. Acknowledge it. See the love in it. The genius in cooking with these ingredients back in 1934. 

Then destroy it. Burn it!

It's 2018. You are not your Grandma. And while that recipe was helpful at some point it, it no longer is. It is destructive. 

And this is what happens to a lot of us. We wake up one day, well into our life, and realize we've been using an old recipe. We've been using ingredients that are toxic. And they are killing us. 

These ingredients could be beliefs about what success is, how a workday should look, obligations to religion, what marriage is, how a home should be run, "I'll enjoy my life when I retire, it has to be hard, 2 weeks vacation is ok, thank God for Fridays, I need the corporation, I can't, what will people think, it's impossible, if I'm not suffering I won't have drive, etc."

Sorry Grandma, your recipe for success just ain't workin anymore. 

Begin to see what type of life you want to create. What ingredients, temperatures, cook wear, you want. What does it taste like? How does it feel? Find the joy in it?

The genius in your recipe. It will be brilliant.

And guess what, Grandma will probably love it even more. 

It is absolutely crucial to do this when baking a recipe for true success. YOUR success.



P.S. Don't forget to add a whisper of laughter in there every once in a while. 

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