Tools of Success

When I work with high achievers and over thinkers, they're always looking for the answers. Which is fine. I want answers too. 

What app do I use for meditation? How do I feel less anxious at work? What techniques do you know to be happier?

Those are great. However, I'm in the business of transformation. And to truly transform, to truly own the hell out of your life, to truly rule your world, 

You must master yourself. 

There is no way around it.

You must know what triggers you. What sabotages you. What your judgments are. What you want. What you don't want. How to say no. How feel big. How to feel connected. What your version of love feels like. How to step away from doubt. How to step into fear. How to be messy. How to feel raw. How to fucking roar. 

How to be you. That's truest version of success I know. 

Master that and you got it made. 


P.S. I am co-hosting a webinar on How To Find Your Passion. It's going to be 60 minutes, this Thursday at 1pm est. It will be recorded. It is with me and my friend Dr. Amina who was a beast in the medical field and left it all to pursue her passion.  Check it out, sign up and refer to friends. Ciao. 

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