The Secret Formula (AEA)

The secret formula. 

Awareness + Experience + Action= Success (Whatever success means to you). 

Awareness is the first part of the formula. Without awareness, we get nowhere. Awareness is like looking under the hood of a car and knowing each and every part and what it does. Very important, especially if you are a mechanic. If you don't know what these parts do and how they work, out of business. Imagine we are mechanics of our lives. The car is us. To blindly trust each part will work fluidly and forever is ludicrous. The fluids, belts, gaskets, pressure, rust, fuses, lamps, voltage, everything! But apply this to us. The feelings, thoughts, scars, patterns, beliefs, closings, openings, fears, truths, divinity, beast, EVERYTHING. Become aware of what makes us up and runs under the hood.

Experience it. This is the secret sauce of the formula. A lot of people are good at awareness. They understand everything about themselves. The pains, the family crap, the patterns, the power etc. But there is a difference between knowing it and experiencing it. Knowing it is from the mind. The area that is creating the problem in the first place. Experiencing it is below the mind. It actually goes into the meat of it. By experiencing the beliefs, feelings, closing, divine beast, whatever, we are allowing a presencing to happen. We are opening the blockages that were creating the problem in the first place. Opening to the power that hides. Knowing is seeing from above. Experiencing is diving head first and cracking it open. And once it's cracked open, a huge amount unleashes. You get you back. 

Action is essential. Now, through awareness, we've seen what we are. What is blocking us. What power we truly have. And we've experienced it. We've stepped into it. We haven't turned away from it. Now, we own it. We become it. We are it. How? Action. We put it into use. There is only one way to make it work, action. Devise a plan on what to do with this newly discovered you. And do it. If we only stop at experience, we will always live in a hypothetical world. A "what if" type of mentality. It's like having a Porsche that you've restored to its former glory and you never drive it. You never see how fast it can go. How it can hug the turns. How it feels to have German engineering at its best roar between your legs. Without action, we will always be in the garage, waiting. 

Each of these components is a key to success. What is success? Well, that's yours to define. But here is the formula. Use it wisely. It's a powerful beast. 

Just like you.


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