The question for 2019 is...WHY?

Why have a body that needs sleep? 
That needs to feed? 
Release waste?
That regenerates nails and hair (some of the time)?
That walks on two legs?
Sees with two eyes? 
Has 10 fingers and toes?
33 vertebrae? 
That ages? 
That breathes?
That leaks out of it's eyes?

There are scientific reasonings for all of these. Why they function the way they do. The intricacies of each role in relation to the totality of the whole.

But Why? Why this shape? These functions? These limitations? 

If we begin to ask these types of questions, there most likely will be no answer or at least one we may not want to see. We can only go so far with the question, Why. 

Why is frightening. Why is confronting. Why is heresy. Why is profound. Why is responsible. Why is depth. 

When we begin to ask, Why, we begin to start to see the limitations we may accept blindly. The ones that we never thought to challenge. We never thought to agree or disagree with. 

There are layers upon layers of protections and machinations to keep us from asking the all important question, WHY. 

Because at the end of the day, Why is power. Why is choice. Why is limitless. 

Why is freedom. 

So, for 2019, maybe the word we can ask ourselves is Why.

Down the rabbit hole of freedom we go. 


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