The Heart! Friend or Foe

The heart. 

Love it. Relish it. Cherish it. Hold it. Nurture it. Adore it. 


Neglect it. Beat it. Shame it. Guilt it. Hate it. Crush it. 

It's a choice. It's easy to choose the latter. To blame it. To take out the pain of the world on it.

And why not? It's always there. Beating away. Loving. 

It's vulnerable to have an ally in this world. To have something that cares. Knowing it will be damned if it gives up on us. 

But from someone who knows firsthand about hurting the heart, let me say, it's ok. It's ok to love it. It's ok to talk to it. To whisper to it in the middle of the night...

And say, Thank you. 

Say, Thank you.

It'll be our little secret. 


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