4 factors contributing to Sunday Blues

T.V. (social media).

These 4 things affect us. Deeply. But what's important to catch is HOW they are affecting us. And one of the best ways to figure that out is to look at our lives. 

Take for example the Sunday blues. People start getting sad on Sunday thinking about Monday. It used to kick in for me around 4pm on a Sunday. A little knot in my stomach. And by 7pm I was full on bummed out. 

Now looking back, what contributed to that? Yes, I was in a job I did not like. Definitely a huge contributing factor but there were more. 

I normally drank on weekends. Which meant that I ate like crap on weekends. Which meant that I would be too tired to do anything else so I'd watch TV and scroll on weekends. This just took me deeper. 

It was a vicious cycle. These factors started weighing heavily on me. Eventually I cut out booze altogether. Felt much better. But food and social media were an issue. I noticed that I would eat Chinese every Sunday night. Heavy fried chicken didn't bode well for a good night sleep. Which impacted my Monday morning. 

There are multiple steps. Multiple factors. But the most important thing is to find the ones that hit the most. 

So if you wake up one morning, feeling like death, start to take a look at the 4 categories above. 

What food did you eat the day before? Healthy or unhealthy? 
What did you drink? Alcohol? A lot? A little? What types?
What did you watch? What time did you watch it? What were you reading on social media? What did it feel like? 
Who were the people you were with? Did they drain you? Did they trigger you? 

Start to isolate the variable that is affecting you most. Drop it for a week and begin to notice how you feel. 

Give it a week. Life is an experiment so experiment.


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