We must course correct

Life is a series of course corrections. 

And by series I mean every damn day, multiple times a day. 

We are subject to so many variables in our day that it would be insane to think for a moment that we wouldn't need to course correct. A meeting with a boss. A call with a partner. A terrible sandwich. Good news. Bad news. A drip. More money. No money. 

On top of that we have these bodies which are as fickle as the weather. Sometimes they cooperate. Sometimes they don't. A creak. A sprain. A pull. A tear. An ache. A sniff. A smell. 

So, if you find yourself getting upset that the day isn't going quite like you want, take a breather and look around at everything that is in your environment, desperately waiting to throw you off. 

The key to fixing this? Awareness. Without awareness we find ourselves so far off course that it's almost impossible to come back. Then we react. And then we're doubly screwed. We are off course and on top of that we are throwing a temper tantrum. No coming back. 

So, be aware. Feel when you stray off course. Correct. Repeat. 

Also, it's a part of being human. Every other damn person you interact with is doing the very same thing. 


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