Day 5. BE BIG

Day 5 of The 5 Day Guide to Happiness


Be Big is a nice slogan. We see it on t-shirts, instagram posts, gym walls. It's nice. It's hard to define yet easy to understand. What a lovely concept....BLAHHH

The way I'm using it is as a responsibility. A calling. As anything less than Big is out of integrity. We are fooling ourselves and fooling each other. Not being Big is essentially telling the world that we are aren't worth it and neither are they.

Most, at some level, fear being Big. We fear what we truly are. How we will be judged for it. What harm may come to us. Will we be liked? Recognizable? Is it lawful? Is it caring?

We've been taught not to be Big. To hide. To shrink. That it's a sin. That it's egotistical. That's it's cruel.

And so what does Big mean?

You. Me. In our totality as a human being. Nothing hidden. Nothing unexplored. Nothing unowned.

It is us. It is our anger, love, rage, sexuality, frustrations, heartbreaks, drive, willpower, intuition, gifts, fears, wants, desires, characters, power, hate, divinity, humanity.

It is all of it. Big cannot just mean a successful job. That can take us only so far. The thrill of that runs out. On the other hand, Big cannot mean hiding from society and removing ourselves from this world. Big is of this world and beyond it.

Harmonized into one.

So if there is any constraint, any rule, any box that we are placing ourselves in that keeps us from being and knowing the entirety of who we are, that ain't Big.

Happiness is being Big. Nothing less. Do it for you and for me.


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