Day 4. We ain't making it out of here alive.

Day 4 of The 5 Day Guide to Happiness. 

We Ain't Making it Out of Here Alive.  

This is a scary thought to a lot of people. It still irks me in many ways. This idea that death is a whisper away. At any moment, boom, gone. I admit, deep down, I still haven't made peace with this yet. 

What's on the other side? Well, we can speculate. We can listen to people who have had near death experiences. Every major religion has a theory. That afterlife. I hope.  

However, at the core, we don't actually know. And that's terrifying. But, one thing is for certain, we are going to die. 

Take that as you may but to me there is a freedom in it. A liberation. Because if we are going to die and there is some sort of finality of all finalities, then who gives two flying fucks about the nonsense. Bullshit. Manners. Being liked. What we look like. All of the inadequacies. The top of the top, most famous, successful, beautiful people are going to die. The money, the homes, the fame, the botox, the surgery, the insta following, the likes...will not stave off death. 

Thank God!

It doesn't mean we need to walk around being dicks to everyone, though it could be fun, rather it's an opportunity to not sweat the small stuff. To go fully into living this life. 

To not put up with a job we hate. To not try and appease the world. To not hide sexuality. To not suppress our anger. To not be anything but you. To not be bloody freaking happy. 

It's a oneway ticket off this rock. No level of materiality will satisfy that fear. So go the opposite direction. 

Live as you want. Be as you want. No apologies. No excuses. Shed the shackles that bind. The fear that we've been spoon fed. The crazy programming. Take a step back and ask yourself, "What do I truly want? Truly?" 

Then move from that wanting. That truth. 

And as I always say, "none of us are making it out of here alive." Phew!

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