Day 3. Step Into Fear.

Day 3 of The 5 Day Guide to Happiness.

Stepping into fear. 

I was at an event yesterday and I was speaking to the head of a company and we were talking about fear. As it turned out she is a very introverted, shy, and fearful person. She said there was a time in her life where she saw that fear was either going to cripple her or she was going to use it as an indicator to push forward. To step into it. 

She stepped into it. And she said it was what was on the other side that brought her the most joy. Happiness. 

She still feels the fear. The shyness. And yet when the fear comes, she knows it is a cue to step into it. 

Because of this one rule, she is successful. Wildly successful. No holds barred successful. 

Using fear as a mechanism of growth as opposed to a block is amazing. 

Fear is allowed. Fear is protective. Normally it stems from something that happened to us a long time ago that created an ever lasting scar deep within the self. It served us. Protected us. Kept us alive. 

However, at some point, the fear becomes toxic. It prohibits us from advancing. 

And it is what is on the other side of fear that we are seeking most. 

Let fear no longer control us and bind us. Let it be an indicator for growth. For change. 

For happiness. 


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