A 5 Day Guide to Happiness. Day 1.

I'm going with a theme this week,

A 5 Day Guide to Happiness

Now, let's get something straight about the word happy, it is dangerous. A slippery slope. The elusive happiness. Oxford dictionary describes it as, "Feeling or showing pleasure or contentment." 

Most of us think we know what happiness is but it's usually a projection of what we think it is based on another's lifestyle. Ease, carefree, traveling, money, big smiles, perfect family, 2.5 kids, Coca Cola Santa Claus, flawless, great abs, not human...

Happiness is usually based in the future. Once I have x, I will be happy. Never quite in reach. Never quite there. Never quite available. We know we want it but we know we don't have it...yet. So we will work harder. Sacrifice more. Get more.

Ah but happiness is, according to Oxford Dictionary, "Feeling or showing pleasure or contentment."

Thus, it is how YOU feel or SHOW Pleasure or Contentment." So much to unpack here but the one thing I want to highlight is feeling. How the hell do we actually we feel? Not what we think we should feel? But how do we feel? That is the guidepost for this journey. Again, feel! Not think. 

The answer is on us. It is not to be compared or measured. It is to be felt. It is to be acknowledged. It is to be understood. It is to be explored. 

And here's the exciting part of the whole damn thing, happiness might be the exact opposite of what we think it is. If it is as good ol' Oxford says it is, a feeling or showing pleasure or contentment, it may be quite confronting just how different happiness is, for us. Individually. 

Happiness could be anything! That's the point. We may be looking in the wrong directions. 

Having worked with a lot of clients and seeing what brings them pleasure or contentment is much different than what you would imagine. 

The goal is not to be some blissed out ninny. It is to find true depth in feeling. pleasure. contement. Not just fleeting whims that last for a few minutes. 

So, Day 1 of the 5 Day Guide to Happiness, dive deep into what actually makes you happy. Not what we think does. 

Don't dismiss it. It could be Sinful. Sexual. Silent. Frightening. Awakening. Cheap. Expensive. Tasty. Disgusting. Colorful. Dark. Emotional. Cathartic. Crazy. And hopefully, in some strange way, Magical. 


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