Ohhh the juicy side of anger.

Anger is a force that can be used to harness the sun. 

However, anger is bad! Shove it down. Hide it. You are the only one who is angry!

This is what we are taught. 

And yet, we all have it. We all have this human force inside us. 


So what do we do? 

As I see it, there is only one thing to do...

Plunge head first into the mother fucker.

Own it. 

When anger is unowned, it turns to hate, violence, cruelty, self-hatred, unworthiness. It is the byproduct of anger that should scare the shit out of us. When it is not dealt with directly...that's when it becomes poison. 

But when we acknowledge, at times, we are angry, we can dive in and unearth what is behind it. Then we become powerful. 

I love when a client comes to me and has massive amounts of anger. I LOVE IT. Why? 

Because there is a force that is so desperate to be seen and healed, that it can completely change someone's life. Simply by opening to it. 

Thus...anger can be life changing. Makes me want to roar. 

If you are angry and want to take a peek what's under there, email me. It's a safe place. 


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