The power in feeling

One of the very first questions I ask people I work with is, "How do you feel?"

It's such a simple and yet insanely powerful question. The reason being is most people are unaware of how they feel. And being human is all about feelings. 

A lot of people have low level anxiety. It's become like a new skin. Second nature. This anxiety is a silent Worry. Fear. Sadness. Grief. Anger. It's there. 

So most of us go about trying to solve the anxiety. Ahh but that ain't going to cut least in my experience. We need to go inward and find the source...and feel it. Anxiety is telling us we aren't feeling something we probably should be. 

And this is where, "how do you feel?" comes in. 

It is at that moment people begin to acknowledge what they actually feel...and this is surprisingly rare. Because people can name it, but to feel it is a whole different ball game.

Once we feel it, we reclaim huge amounts of ourselves back. By not feeling, we are exerting incredible amounts of energy to stave off what we are afraid to feel. There is much power in feeling. 

Monday I'll go more into what is down there but for now, 

How do you feel? And feel it. 


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