You've got to crack a few eggs...

People who don't play by the rules always get a bad rap. 

They piss off us good rule abiding folk. 

We work when we are told. We get in line when we need to. We follow when we need to follow. 

But, there are outliers. Hooligans! Rule breakers! People that march to the beat of their own drum. And they do what they want. And it pisses us off. 

We can of course point to the rule they broke and say, "that isn't right. It's not fair. Do you see that guy? The nerve!," and go on our merry way. 

Or we can break rules. What is it that we truly want to do? Do we not want to be polite. Do we want to have control over the hours of the day in our lives. Do we not want to wait until the end of the line. Email that person we are waiting to hear back from. 

Break the rules of dating. Of work. Of job searching. Of manners. Of love. Of life! 

Ohhhh the heresy! But this will end up in chaos! Destruction! 

But maybe not. Maybe, just maybe, we will start to see where we blindly follow rules and succumb to the control of society. 

Maybe, we will start to break free. It's scary. It's confronting. But it's life. If your life. 

So, the next time someone breaks a rule and you don't like it, break it right back. If that's the game they're playing, play it right back. 

Begin to see the rules that constrict us in life and we will grow. 

Legal disclaimer: Rules are different than laws. Don't break laws. That's just stupid. 


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