The force within!

We are powerful beings. We know that. 

But we are affected beings as well. 

Affected by by friends, foods, thoughts, family, laws, gravity, water, home, smells, locations, nature, lack of nature, toxins, advertising, speeches, social media, news, and more. 

You name it, we are affected by it. A rainy day can throw off our entire morning. A poor review at work can sour the week. A well placed add makes us want that new hot thing. 

But the hiccup here is when these things affect us in a way where we are unconscious to them. And then we have a problem. When we are at the mercy of these externalities and unknowingly let them affect us. Pull us from one emotional state to the next. Up, down, forward, backward. 

We all have it. We will continue to have it. But there must be a way to counter this?

And there is. But it's a secret. It's inside somewhere. A part that hasn't been seen or owned. A part that has been neglected. Maybe it's an old wound. Maybe it's an old feeling. Maybe it's a superpower that's waiting to be released. 

I'm not sure what it is for you. But what I am sure is that when you discover it, you are less affected by these things. You are you. You are not at the whim of these forces.


If you are someone looking for this force, I have 4 slots open for November. It is for people looking to shatter the old and transform, radically. Email me. 


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