Stretching the boundaries of possibility.

There is something very special that happens when we go beyond our boundaries of comfort. We start to stretch what we think is possible. And actually, we start to believe it. 

Because deep down, somewhere hidden, we don't really believe. Not all of it. It's fundamental to almost every human being. This part that holds back. That hides. Denial. 

Again, almost every human being has a form of this one way or another. I do. 

What would happen if we went all in? Would everything change? Would we leave our loved ones? Would the world end? Would we die? Would our comfort disappear? 

Ahh, these are the questions that plague the minds of the souls here on earth. 

The answer to overcome it?  DO. Simply start doing what we thought was impossible. DO feel the feelings that are hard to feel. DO see the ways we trick ourselves from being. DO!

I am holding a workshop this Saturday at 3pm at Lululemon Union Square in their space called Hub Seventeen. It's only 60 minutes. We focus on the power of breath, meditation, and silence. Email me if you have any questions.

It will be DOING!!!


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