Blinders We Can't See but are dying to take off.

What if the answers we search for already exist? 

And the only reason we can't see them is because we have blinders on?

Blinders! Blinding us from the world save for the tiny opening we are forced to look through as our "reality." These blinders can be self-imposed and or transmitted through birth, family, society, friends, geography, etc. 

Many of us truly believe these blinders are "reality." It's so damn "real" that our minds couldn't possibly fathom any other way. We see what we see. There is nothing else. 

But then again, what if the blinders were gone? Could we accept this new reality? Would we accept it. Often when blinders start to fall off it is a mix of excitement and sheer terror. 

"reality" become Reality. 

Then everything changes in a blink of an eye and poof...

The life we knew is no more and the road ahead is paved with hope and wonder. 


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LAST DAY FOR EARLY BIRD SPECIAL of Awakening the Third Eye Meditation Workshop. 

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