The Meditation that changed everything

I meditate. A lot. 4 years ago I would have vomited at the idea. Sitting in silence, legs in a lotus position, trying to go inward. It would have been the equivalent of a slow and painful torture at the Spanish Inquisition. 

But I wasn't happy with my life. I was in acting school. I was lawyering. I was trying all of these methods to get out of the chaos, not go numb, and actually feel alive again. But nothing could stick and penetrate my damn brain. And so a teacher recommended this meditation workshop called, Awakening the Third Eye. I went. 

And it all changed. Majorly.

So now I help instruct this beast in NYC. There is only one or two a year. And the next one is 11/3-4. Two days and you get to learn a meditation that truly shifted my life forever. 

If you overthink. You feel unsatisfied. You want more out of life. Try this meditation. 

Here are the details and there is an early bird special that goes away Monday 10/15.

Please email me any questions about this event that is very near and dear to my heart. 


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