Nobody Puts Baby In the Corner

Ahh but to some extent we all put Baby in the corner. 

Baby is our fearful selves.

Her father is our Work.

Johnny is our Badass selves.

Work knows best. Work creates fear. Work is our master. Work comes first. All hail work.

To the corner we go!

We have dreams but Work tells us they are not compatible with being an adult. 

Work calls us Baby. 

But here comes Johnny. Leather jacket. Renegade. Dancing phenom.

His hair!

He doesn't give a shit what Work thinks. 

He rescues Us, looks Work in the eye and says, "Nobody puts Baby in the corner!" (swoon)...

Are you Baby or are you Johnny?

Do you need your badass to come out and rescue you? 

If so, throw on your leather jacket, grab your fearful self, run on stage and get ready to be catapulted through the air. 

That's really how it works.

We simply need the courage to believe. 



Bryce KennedyComment