10 Things That Are Key To Life

In working with clients on transforming their lives, I have come to the conclusion on a few things. 

1. You have to want to change to change. You truly have to want it. You can pretend to change, but that's lame. Come on. We have this one life to make it count. Make it count. 

2. Breathing is powerful. I used to do it in my law firm in the hall when I was melting down. 2 minutes of deep powerful breaths. It was simple. It was powerful. I was still able to go back to work and crush the dreams of opposing counsel. 

3. We all need help. There's no way around this one. We all need it. You cannot do it alone. Nor should you. A golfer who wants to be the best, gets a coach that can see what she can't see. Push where she can't push. Help when she needs help. 

4. Meditation is not zen. Sure, there are some types that are nice and calming. But real meditation is confronting. Sitting silent and still for an extended period of time is rough. You actually have to be with yourself. 

5. Self-love is incredibly important. Could you imagine if you were your biggest supporter? No judgment. No hate. No compromising. Just belief in yourself. True belief. It's like you get to be the one person that loves you completely. Wow. 

6. Bad food messes with your brain. It does. It puts you in a bad mood. Or depresses you. Or makes you angry. Bad food is bad for life. 

7. Transformation must go inward. There are a lot of methods out there that tell you how to be. Tell you how to live. Tell you, tell you, tell you. But, at the end of the day, it is you going inward and discovering who you are and what you want. That is the ultimate transformation. No way around it. 

8. Action. Taking action on anything is the secret ingredient to life. Afraid to do something. Do it. Worried about speaking your truth. Do it. Want to feel better by loving your body. Do it. Now. 

9. Consistency is key. God I wish this weren't true. When I was transitioning out of law this was the hardest pill to swallow. I had to fight like hell the inner demons telling me I would fail. They came at me every second of the day. Relentless. So, I had to be relentless in my pursuit of fulfillment. Of dreams. Of magic. I could not stop. I slipped up, oh yes. But I didn't stop. 

10. Magic is real. I hate to say it but it is. It truly is. The more you decide to pursue it and believe it, the more real it gets. And the thing is, Magic isn't unicorny, fluffy, cuddle bears. It's brutal. Magic is intense. It's claiming a belief in a world which works so hard to make you NOT believe. But the more you touch it. Taste it. Live it. The more it becomes real. Trust me. 



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