Ohhh, being human

Us humans, we really must admit, this life can be kind of a bitch sometimes. 

First, we have these emotions. One minute we are happy as can be and the next minute we want to crawl in a hole, eat a tub of Ben and Jerry's ice cream and never come out. 

Second, we have to interact with people. Some people make us feel good, others belong in the 7th circle of hell. Either way, they are everywhere. Like cockroaches. 

Third, we have this mind. It won't shut up. Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts. Talking, analyzing, judging, comparing, shaming, fearing, hoping, wishing, dreaming. Some real. Some not.

Lastly, we have this body. It is a sack of skin that has an expiration date. On top of that society tells us how this sack of skin should look. If it doesn't conform, change it!

Pretty bleak outlook for us humans...

However, there is one missing piece. 


Now, some religions and societies call it the soul, the light, oneness, the spark, the flame, you, I AM, Mother. Whatever.

I like Truth. Because regardless of what it is, it is always Truth. 

And Truth doesn't worry about the human condition. It doesn't have time engage at such low levels. 

Truth cares about one thing, Truth. 

This is why I do the work I do. I love Truth. It is my mission in life. Because when you or I start to see our own Truth, everything begins to change.

Magic happens. Life transforms. Emotions become enjoyable. People lovable. The mind divine. The body beautiful.

Truth is Truth. There is no exception. 

Know your Truth. Know yourself. Covet it. Protect it. Nourish it. 



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