check-in with the heart

The heart is fierce. It is soft. It is angry. It is loud. It is sensual. It is broken. It is healing. It is total. 

The heart has an incredible power to it. Of it. In it. 

If we take a minute here, wherever you are, to pause, close your eyes, and feel it. 

How does the heart feel in this moment? 

What does it need?

Is it closed, open, dry, wet, sad, hopeful, bright, grey, loving, angry, connected? 

When you feel it, if anything, sink into that feeling. Let yourself submerge into it. Disappear into it. 

And as you do this, let the heart spread open. Let it breathe.

No judgment on the feeling. It's just a feeling. 

Remove the story with it. That can be dealt with later. 

But with this, honor the feeling. 

Let that feeling still you. Let it solidify you. Even if it is painful. 

Allow it to be. 

If we don't take time to do a heart check in, we are cutting off a very vital part of us. 

And the deeper we go, the more surprised we may be to find what is there. No judgment. 

Simply feel. Honor it. Let it live.


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Bryce KennedyComment