Something is not quite right...

Not quite right. What is it? What's not quite right? 

It's hard to put into words. 

It's a feeling. An unease. It's in the background. But something is off.

All the boxes in life are checked. And yet, a deeper knowing. A deeper wanting is whispering in the background. 

It's asking you not to be satisfied with the way things are. Grateful, of course. But not quite satisfied. 

What is it? It's YOU. It's a piece that hasn't fully engaged in life. 

Going through the motions is easy. Sure work is hard. Life is stressful but there's more of you that is still not quite totally onboard yet. 

Maybe you notice this in your personal life. In your free time. In relationship to love. Or dreams. Or trust.  

First step, find out the area of life that doesn't quite feel like you've fully committed or isn't working out the way you want it to. 

Second step, dig deep inside and find out why. Sometimes it's confronting. Sometimes you need help. Sometimes you need to scream. 

But when you do, you allow this YOU to emerge and engage in the world like never before. 

Emerge and engage!



P.S. if you are looking to emerge and want help, reach out. I have 3 remaining slots open for next week. 75 minute skype. $250. 

Bryce KennedyComment