B*tch slap with love.

"Bryce, just have fun. You can become kind of a princess and get all funky."
-My wife

She said this as she was leaving today for work and as I'm flying out to LA on a last minute trip to meet an author that invited me to attend his event. Alex Banayan of The Third Door. 

The reason she said that was because I do get funky. Very quickly. Like the situation is do or die. Like this one meeting will change everything. It may. But it sure as hell won't change everything if I'm not me. If I'm some somber, stuck in my head, stick up my ass, weirdo that is trying to coherently put words together, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN.

However, if I am Bryce. Then all will be ok. Turns out Bryce is a damn good guy. Turns out he knows how to connect deeply. He knows how to have fun. He knows how to just be. 

But the minute I have an agenda or some pressure to force something to happen, forget about it. Disaster. 

If anyone else out there has this happen, call up my wife, let her bitch slap you around (with love), come back to your senses and go fucking crush the day. 

We got this life. Let's kill it!



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The magic of knowing

There are these parts of us that know truths. 

They feel almost like make believe. Or magic. Or unrealistic. But they're there. Always. 

They whisper in the background. They come to us in our dreams. They make us feel a certain way. 

They come when we are in the shower or in the woods or when we are simply quiet. They come whenever and wherever. 

It's important to start to track these knowings. Get to know the knowings. Don't judge or shun. Let them in. 

Let them breathe. It may be a part of you that is waiting...

To come alive.



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Are you a wet noodle or a hound from hell?

When we really know what we want, we can unleash a torrent of furious hell upon anything that stands in our way. 

When we really don't know we want, we are flaccid as a wet noodle being dragged across a face. 

Now, this noodle comes from decision fatigue. New shiny things. Indecision. Inaction. A lot of talk. 

And it is deadly. Years can be wasted in simply following the path of a noodle. Being dragged over any surface it comes into contact with. No path other than the person dragging it. 

This happens in relationships. Careers, Life! Dragged along, limp and of no use at all. 

Ahhhh but when a decision is made. When a choice acted upon. When a direction picked. 

We become unstoppable-nay, unfathomable! hounds from hell that will burn all in our path to our wanting. 

It's so damn hot. It's so damn sexy. It's so damn unnoodleish.  



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Beware of the funk

Things can get a little funky.

Things in our refrigerator. 

Things in our bodies. 

Things in our minds. 

Things in our lives.

The thing about living in funk is that it becomes the norm. Funk as the new norm, scary!

Not quite feeling right. Not really clear. Kind of a somber mood. Not really excited anymore. Going through the routine. Funk. 

How to get out of it? Shock the funk. Whatever you're doing, do the opposite. Take that day off. Go to the beach. Talk to a friend. Workout. Eat crickets. Climb a mountain. Shout at the wall. 

Funk can rarely be cured from the mind. It needs to be done through action and action only. 

Because once you get the whole body online you can assess what causes the funk and stop it before it takes hold again. 

Do not accept the funk.



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Nonsensical surrender


This is always a big word thrown around in transformation. 

"Surrender to the bigger parts. JUST SURRENDER. To the universe. To trust. To light."

I'm always curious when people say that type of stuff, have they themselves really surrendered? 

Or does it just sound good? A nice t-shirt from a yoga studio. 

Because surrender ain't easy. Surrender requires your identity to be smoked. Forgotten. Blown up. 

Surrender requires all the deepest parts that want to hold on for dear life to let go. 

Surrender is an act of will. 

Is it worth it? Damn straight it is. I mean, we either do it now, or at death. Probably best to get on with it. Surrendering an entire life at death can probably be quite a shock. 

But before we minimize it, we must realize what goes into it. 

And that is the totality of everything you think you are and are not. So if you've struggled with "surrendering," I get you. And congrats on fighting the good fight. 

Catch you on the flip side.



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