Discovering the NO

The slight shifts can be some of the biggest moments in our lives. The ones that blindside you out of know where. 

It's like you've seen reality through a lens and all of a sudden your prescription changes and boom, a whole knew reality. 

This is what drives me. And drives me to bring to clients.

This shift. 

Because to me, it is so absolutely maddening if I've said, "No! This is the way it has to be. There is no alternative. It's impossible."

That bothers me. It bothers me when I say it and it bothers me when clients say it. 

So what do you do? 

Solve the problem? In a way. But it's deeper. 

The real question is why are we saying NO to begin with? Sure, life has given us proof as to why it can't be. 

But there is a deeper reason. A deeper reason we say NO. 

And that my friends is the answer to unlocking the shift. 

It's there. And it's fucking brilliant. 

Here's to the shift. 



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My dear men, help!

As a man, "help" was always one of the hardest words for me. 

It was a sign of weakness. Inadequacy. Stupidity. 

What if they took advantage of me in this vulnerable state? Used it against me? What if I lost my edge? My strength? My positioning in this relationship?

The thought alone would shut me down. A collapsing inward. 

But, the more I dive into the masculine, the more I find a completely different meaning of "help."

Strength, fellowship, power, acceptance and growth. Rapid growth. 


Because the smallness of male programming has to die.  If I want to achieve a goal, would I not do everything in my power to do just that? To shed any little egoic thought that blocks me from victory. 

It is ludicrous to think I can do it alone. To know it all. To have all the answers. To excel at everything. 

When I find myself asking for "help," I am utterly blown away by the response. Usually a resounding YES. And if it's a NO, I admire that. Because that is them owning their time and space. 

The more "help" comes, the bigger leaps I can take. The more I can do of what I want to do. The more my life becomes fluid and solid. The more time devoted achieving the things I am good at as opposed to toiling away at the things I'm not. 

"Help", my dear men, is not weakness. It is strength beyond compare. 

It is masculinity at its finest.



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This post will go viral.

What if this was THE blog post!


The one that changed everything?!?

NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Oprah, Tim Ferris, the U.N. all wanted a piece of me. 

Because of this post. 

The brilliance! The enlightenment! The insight! My god, the greatest post ever written!!! 

Oh, but what if it never happened. Because I never wrote it. Not today. The one day where the stars aligned and I had my shot. But I missed it!

I forgot. I was too tired. I didn't feel like it. I didn't know what to write. I felt off. I ate too much chocolate. It was cold outside. My fingers were sore. 

I chose an excuse as opposed to following through with a commitment. 

What a pisser. 

Ahh, but alas, this post is here! At 10:11pm! It is written! And tomorrow it will be trending. It will be viral. I will be knighted! Sir Bryce Thomas Kennedy. 

All because I wrote a post. I showed up. 

Show up. For yourself.



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How do you human?

“‘I don’t feel very much like Pooh today,’ said Pooh.
‘There, there,’ said Piglet. ‘I’ll bring you tea and honey until you do.'” Winnie the Pooh

Sometimes we have the fight in us. 

Sometimes we don't.

Sometimes there is no fight but rather a surrender. 

And sometimes all it takes is a cup of tea. 

We feel feelings. We have thoughts. We have ups. We have downs. We get sick. We get healthy. We love. We hate. 

We are human. And whether we like it or not, we are here. 

The beauty is choosing to engage in the way WE want to. 

It's a choice. If we are human, we might as well choose how we're going to human. 

How will you human?



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Are you stuck facing a wall?

When you look up the definition for Consciousness, you'll see several meanings: Being awake, aware, noticing surroundings, able to think, the state of understanding and realizing, etc. 

To me Consciousness is awareness. And with that awareness we can understand, think, notice, etc. 

It is when we are unaware, unconscious, that we limit ourselves in the world. Our potential. 

What is it that we aren't seeing? What is it that we are unaware of that could change everything? 

And this isn't some far out concept. It makes sense. Take a wall for example. If we stand facing that wall for our entire lives, we will forever be unaware of what is behind us. That wall, if we choose, could be our reality. That is all we would know. 

A lot of times that wall is our reality. We focus only on that which we know. Which we've been guided to look at. Whether it be social media, family, society, friends, job, the wall can get pretty damn close. 

The hiccup comes when we want to remove ourselves from the wall, to see more, but all we can do is look for solutions from the perspective of the wall. 

That's why Consciousness and the infinite states of it are so powerful. 

It removes us from the wall. It turns us around to a world of possibility. Answers to questions never considered. Paradigms never imagined. 

Truths unfolding right before our eyes. 

The first step is to recognize there even is a wall. What does it feel like? How does it trap us? When did it come? What if we turn around? Are we ok with feeling uncomfortable? Uncertain? 

The next step is deciding if we want to see more. Open our Consciousness. Turn around from the wall and explore. 

And if we do, the answers will come. Life will open. Life will begin. 

Happy Friday.



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